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Hemoglobin Test - Qucare Pro
Hemoglobin tests are done to know the RBC count, to analyzer the severity of anaemia, hematocrit, and others.
It is used during blood donations or taking important decisions like blood transfusions.
Hemoglobin meters are used to screen and diagnose diseases that might affect the red blood cells or to know the hemoglobin value in the blood.
Monitoring the optimal hemoglobin levels is important to check the anaemic condition in children and in adults as anaemia can be a door for several other diseases in the human body.
Certification : CE(professional and self-testing use), Free sales certificate
Product Description
QUCARE Pro measures concentration level of Hemoglobin and also, Hematocrit percentage.
It's handheld compact sized portable meter and the test result can be displayed in 5 seconds on large LCD screen.
QUCARE Pro is available anytime, anywhere to measure and give accurate test results.
Ordering Information
Product Name Ref No. Format Package
Qucare Pro Hemoglobin Meter - Package (1 meter, 1 lancet device, 10 lancets, carrying pouch, 1 check strip, 10 capillary tubes)
Qucare HB Test strip 6192 Bottle 10 strips, 10 capillary tubes