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Freeradical Test
Free RadiCheck test strip is a urine test strip for monitoring free radical in your body. Free Radicals(Oxidative Stress) are biochemical molecules in human body and natural products of metabolism. The excess amount of free radicals is known to cause various disease and speed up aging.

The test results give useful information :
- Indication of Individual health conditions
- Check medicinal effects of medical treatments, ingestion of antioxidant foods
- Management of nutritional level, stress level
Certification : CE(professional use and self-testing use)
Product Description
Free Radicheck Test strip is aim to detect of semi-quantitative MDA(Malondialdehyde) amount which is known to be a marker of free radicals in Urine.
Ordering Information
Product Name REF Feature
FRC 50SF 5690 Analyzer is using with Free Radicheck Pro Test strips
PRINTER 5621-PR Using with FRC 50SF
Product Name REF TESTS/KIT Package Test Parameters
Free Radicheck Pro 31B2 25 Bottle MDA(Malondialdegyde)
Free Radicheck Self 31D7 5 Pouch MDA(Malondialdegyde)