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ComboStik™ Urine Reagent Strip



icon.png CE Approved
icon.png Stable color development and reliable quality
icon.png Accuracy, precision, reproducibility and stability

General urine strips

Available from 1 to 11 parameters (Glucose, Protein, pH , Blood, Ketone, Nitrite, Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Specific Gravity, Leukocytes, Ascorbic Acid)
Test result may provide information regarding the status of carbohydrate metabolism, kidney and liver function, acid-base balance, and urinary tract infection.

Microalbumin & Creatinine test

To diagnose Microalbuminuria (An early marker of Diabetic Nephropathy) by semi quantitativemeasurement of Microalbumin to Creatinine amount in Urine

Effective management of kidney disease and at potentially high risk for risk for kidney problem in early stage
Can obtain clinically meaningful and time saving results by measurement in the random urine sample (24 hour long urine sample collection is NOT required)
More sensitive and specific results than reagent strips designed for general protein testing.

Unit(mg/g) : Microalbumin(mg/L) / Creatinine(g/L)
Microalbumin Creatinine [ mg/dL(g/L) ]
[mg/dL(mg/L)] 10(0.1) 50(0.5) 100(1.0) 200(2.0) 300(3.0)
1(10) Re-analysis Normal Normal Normal Normal
3(30) High Abnormal Abnormal Abnormal Normal Normal
8(80) High Abnormal Abnormal Abnormal Abnormal Normal
15(150) High Abnormal High Abnormal Abnormal Abnormal Abnormal

General urine strips

Product Name Ref No. Test Parameters
ComboStik G 2014 Glu
ComboStik 2GP 2204 Glu, Pro
ComboStik 2GK 2214 Glu, Ket
ComboStik 3 2314 Pro, pH, Glu
ComboStik 3GK 2304 Glu,Pro,Ket
ComboStik 4SG 2414 Pro,Glu,SG, pH
ComboStik 5 2504 Glu,Ket,Pro,pH,Bld
ComboStik 5L 2534 Glu,Pro,Nit,Leu,Bld
ComboStik 10 0054 Bld,Bil,Uro,Ket,Glu,Pro,Nit,Leu,pH,SG
ComboStik 11 0964 Bld,Bil,Uro,Ket,Glu,Pro,Nit,Leu,pH,SG,AsA
ComboStik 10M 2004 (CP),Bld,Bil,Uro,Ket,Glu,Pro,Nit,Leu,pH,SG
ComboStik 11M 2904 (CP),Bld,Bil,Uro,Ket,Glu,Pro,Nit,Leu,pH,SG,AsA

Microalbumin & Creatinine test

Product Name Packing Ref No. Test Parameters
ComboStik 2AC 50 strips 2223 Ma,Cre
ComboStik 2AC(Long) 50 strips 2243 Ma,Cre
ComboStik 10AC 100 strips 2034 Bld,Ket,Glu,Pro,Ma,Cre,Nit,Leu,pH,SG
ComboStik 12AC 100 strips 2B04 Bld,Bil,Uro,Ket,Glu,Pro,Ma,Cre,Nit,Leu,pH,SG
ComboStik 2MAC 50 strips 2233 (CP),Ma,Cre
ComboStik 2MAC 100 strips 2234 (CP),Ma,Cre
ComboStik 12MAC 50 strips 2B13 (CP),bld,Bil,Uro,Ket,Glu,Pro,Ma,Cre,Nit,Leu,pH,SG
ComboStik 12MAC 100 strips 2B14 (CP),bld,Bil,Uro,Ket,Glu,Pro,Ma,Cre,Nit,Leu,pH,SG

- Sequence of test parameters from left side to right side on above chart correspond to the test parameters from top to bottom of the real test strips and color chart label on strip container
-The strips can be used for visual / manual test(without machine) or with CYBOW urine chemistry analyzers