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Health Mate™ MDA



icon.png Indication of individual health conditions
icon.png Checking medicinal effects of medical treatment and ingestion of antioxidant foods

Measurement Item MDA(Malondialdehyde)
Testing Method Dipstick / Semi-quantitative / Colorimetric
Reaction Time 3 min
Storage 2~30℃
Shelf Life 18 months

What is the purpose of test?

Test strips for monitoring Free Radicals level by detection of semi-quantitative MDA (Malondialdehyde) amount

What is MDA?

MDA(Malondialdehyde) is a byproduct produced when free radicals oxidize a fat.

Why do you need to check MDA level?

Free radicals are used to metabolize glucose and fat and to destroy Invading harmful bacteria and viruses.
Excess Free Radicals attack healthy cells by damaging their membranes.
If MDA level is high, it means oxidative stress level is dangerous.
MDA test test is used to regularly monitor the free radical activity in your body.

Result Interpretation


Minimal : Good physical condition of oxidative stress level (free radicals).

Low : Normal condition, but some balance between oxidative stress and anti-oxidative defense level is supposed to be broken.

Medium : Not good condition. Rapid aging and some diseases may potentially happen if this condition continues.

High : Bad condition. High possibility to lead to rapid aging and some disease