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R & D

DFI Co., LTD is growing through innovation to improve people’s quality of life and suggest better treatment.

R & D team has been continuously investing in biosensor research & development, electronic circuit, instrument design, firmware and software development, which are useful for early diagnosis, prevention and management of diseases.

Biosensor Research and Development.

We are developing innovative and high-quality biosensor for the early diagnosis ∙ prevention and management of people’s diseases.
We make an effort to provide accurate and reliable information for POCT (Point-of-care testing) that enable end-users and hospitals to easily and quickly diagnose diseases.

- Biosensor based urine test

DFI’S Urine Analyzer and Strips are reliable urinalysis system developed by an effort to continually improve and find new test items.

- Biosensor based blood test

• We are developing technology to measure the presence (qualitative) and quantity of matter by reacting the blood analyte in a bio-receptor and measuring it with a signal transducer.

• We are developing technologies to accurately detect small amount of analyte with high sensitivity and automatically detect large volumes of sample, and to simplify sample preconditioning process and interpretation of results.

• Product Development: We are developing technologies to make a signal of specific reactions and use optical principles of membranes optimized for biomaterials.

• POCT (Point of care test) Technology: We are developing a platform that is simple and quick to use.

Department of Medical Device Development.

We are studying to develop electronic circuit and device designs, firmware, and software to accurately analyze information of Biosensor.
In addition, we are developing APP for connecting with smart devices and user-friendly inspection environment.