Dream Future Innovation


Dream Future Innovation

DFI is dedicated to producing innovative products with the aim of contributing to the well-being of mankind since its foundation in 1996.
Following the change in the medical industry from the area of curing to the area of caring and individually tailored medicine, we independently research and produce medical devices for in vitro diagnosis, healthcare, and anti-aging cosmetics, along with many others, with the purpose of preventing and managing diseases beforehand.

We currently export urine test strips, microalbumin, nicotine, and active oxygen test strips, and analytical instruments with the best quality to 80 countries around the world, including many in Europe.
With 15 years experience in production and technical know-how, we have been able to supply high quality products at competitive prices, maintaining long-term partnerships inside and outside of Korea.

Recently, through constant R&D and investments, we have produced the world’s first “active oxygen detector” (Patent No. 10-1370613) in the form of a simple test strip.
Furthermore, with the releases of blood testing instruments for blood pressure, cholesterol, neutral fats, uric acids, and others, as well as anti-aging cosmetics, we are being recognized by market as a global market leader.

We will continue to do our best not to merely satisfy, but to impress our customers with our constant R&D and thorough quality management.

CEO Jung Geon Yun