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icon.pngTest strips for monitoring Ketones (Ketosis)
icon.png Check nutrition status of dairy cows

Measurement item BHB(B-Hydroxybutyrate)
Sample Required Approx. 5mL of Fresh Cow Milk
Testing Method Dipstick / Semi-quantitative / Colorimetric
Reaction Time 1 min.
Storage / Shelf Life 2~25ºC / Max. 18 Months

What is the purpose of test?

To detect amount of ketone bodies in milk. High levels of BHB are an indicator of ketosis, a metabolic disorder caused by a negative energy balance

What is the BHB(Beta-hydroxybutyrate)?

BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) is one of the major ketone bodies and it can be used to monitor level of Ketosis.

Why you need to check Ketosis level ?

Ketosis occurs as a result of negative energy balance after calving.
During this time, milk production is increasing rapidly, while energy intake is not enough to sustain the higher production level. If this happens, cows metabolise body fat to meet their energy needs, resulting in increased production of ketones.

Result Interpretation


If the test strip indicates that the probability of infection is (-), it means good status

0µmol/L(0 mg/dl) Normal
100µmol/L(1 mg/dl) Doubtful(+/-)
200µmol/L(2 mg/dl) Positive (+)
500 µmol/L(5 mg/dl) High positive (++)
1000µmol/L(10 mg/dl) Very high positive (+++)

Ordering information

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BHB Milk 3182 (25 TESTS) β-Hydroxybutyrate
LDH Milk 31E2 (25 TESTS) Lactate Dehydrogenase
MUN Milk 31G2 (25 TESTS) Urea Nitrogen
Milk Doctor™-50S 5701 45 Tests(Max 120 Tests)/Hour, LCD Touch Screen, No Built-in Printer, PC user software
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