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UriDoctor™ 11



icon.png CE 0120 marked for self-testing use
icon.png Quick test results within 90 Sec.
icon.png Compact size to use at home
icon.png User friendly test method
icon.png No need special training for an use

General information

Test result may provide information for the status of carbohydrate metabolism, kidney and liver function, acid-base balance, and urinary tract infection

Semi-quantitative detection of Blood, Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Ketones, Protein, Nitrite, Glucose, pH, Specific Gravity, Leukocytes and Ascorbic acid

Ordering information

Product Name REF No. Product information
UriDoctor™ 5620 45 Tests(Max 120 Tests)/Hour, LCD Screen, No Built-in Printer, LIS connnection
PRINTER OF UriDoctor™ 5620-PR External printer for EXCLUSIVE use with UriDoctor™
UriDoctor™ 11 1A12 Bld, Bil, Uro, Ket, Pro, Nit, Glu, pH, SG, Leu, AsA
UriDoctor™ 2AC 1202 Ma,Cre